Our Entertainment Services

Partystars is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic and versatile companies in the entertainments industry. We specialise in designing, creating and developing entertainments solutions and tailor them to compliment your marketing plan and meet the requirements of your corporate business goals.

Among others, we have provided a professional family entertainment package for : Blackpool North Pier, Central Pier, South Pier, Viva Blackpool and Blackpool Variety Shows.

With over 25 years combined experience in entertainments, marketing and events, we thrive on working with you to develop and optimise the crucial ‘entertainments’ ingredient; ensuring your brand has maximum impact and a lasting positive experience for your customers.

List of Services
  • Design, develop and create costume characters
  • Write, Develop and Create Character Profiles & Background Stories
  • Create Entertainments Programmes
  • Character Training
  • Write Character Songs & Jingles
  • Write Character Stories, Sketches & Shows
  • Develop a line of Character Merchandise
  • Create and Develop Character Voices
  • Recording Facilities
  • Song Writing
  • Script Writing
  • Radio & Promotional Jingles
  • Voiceover Work
  • Choreography
  • Direction

Our Present & Previous Shows

We offer a variety of family entertainment. Here is a showcase of just some of our previous shows and events.

We get our characters involved to entertain kids and adults alike - Chipper and Cherry are high energy performers who will make your child the star of their show, as well as provide shows for larger venues.